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Tips for a Greener Home: DIY Household Cleaner

Television adverts for household cleaners are nothing short of convincing. We're consistently shown images of superheroes fighting some sort of bacterial monster, and the idea forms in our heads that using generic household cleaners is what's best for home and family.

Truth is though, most supermarket cleaners contain toxins that we are willingly (but not necessarily knowingly) ingesting on a daily basis in the name of hygiene. What are those toxins? The Environmental Working Group have put a helpful list together:

Thankfully, there are natural, home made alternatives that are just as effective as store bought brands. But why bother making your own? Well...

1. These DIY cleaners will have no negative effects on your health

2. They're nicer to the environment - no toxic sprays are released into the air

3. They're also less wasteful - you can use an old spray bottle to contain your formula

There are a couple of simple, non-toxic ingredients that you can buy around Bray, and they're some of the best grime busters around:

  • White vinegar: lifts grease & disinfects

  • Castile soap: lifts grease dirt

  • Baking soda: lifts grease & dirt, also bleaches surfaces

  • Lemon juice: disinfects & whitens

  • Essential oils: an optional addition that will give a nice scent to your cleaners, choose whichever scent you like

The only items that you would not be able to pick up in your local supermarket are castile soap and essential oils - both of which can be purchased at The Health Store on the Quinsborough Road.

Have a try of some of the following recipes and let us know what you think!

Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Take 3 parts filtered water

  • Add 1 part vinegar

  • Add 1-2 tsp lemon juice

  • Add (Optional) 5-7 drops essential oil

  • Pour mixture into a spray bottle and fill with hot water

Toilet Cleaner

  • Take 120 ml (or half a cup) of baking soda

  • Pour into the toilet with 10 drops of essential oil (optional deodoriser)

  • Pour 60 ml (or a quarter cup) of vinegar into the bowl & scrub

Washing-Up Liquid

  • Take 240 ml (or 1 cup) of liquid castile soap

  • Add 3 tbsp of water

  • Add to a bottle of your choice (you could use a water bottle and cut a hole in the lid) and shake well

What are your go-to household cleaner recipes?

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