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Bray Tidy Towns #SickOfPlastic Day of Action

On April 21st, we are encouraging local shoppers to leave their unwanted plastic packaging behind in the supermarket as part of the Sick of Plastic Ireland Campaign.

We've reached tipping point with our acceptance of plastic. It's having a devastating effect on our natural environment, wildlife, and climate. This initiative aims to prove that we are sick of single use plastic and that we're not afraid to stand up and take action.

Anybody who buys groceries in supermarkets is regularly inundated with non-recyclable plastic packaging. Contrary to popular belief, we don't need this amount of packaging. Only a few decades ago, we got by without this material that is produced primarily by the input of fossil fuels such as oil and gas.

It's clear that the tide of plastic isn't ebbing - it's rising. We see large chain supermarkets as part of this problem. The issue is not with managers or cashiers at these supermarkets, but with the corporate management, manufacturers and processors who make product and packaging decisions.

The #SickOfPlastic Day of Action on April 21st is a nationwide campaign, aiming to target chains such as SuperValu, Tesco, Dunnes, Aldi and Lidl.

Join us in leaving your unwanted plastic packaging at the checkout:

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