There is new urgency with the environment issues as they they gain importance with the  Climate Change agenda. These will be updated in this section over the next few months.  Here is a list of some of our past campaigns and actions. 

Bray Tidy Towns Distribute Paper Straws Throughout Bray

Thanks to a grant from VOICE and REPAK, Bray Tidy Towns were able to distribute about 10,000 paper straws to popular outlets on the Bray Seafront.

Plastic straws are not recyclable, and with a large amount of single-use plastic ending up in our oceans, BTT saw an opportunity to supply local businesses with a less damaging alternative.

Outlets that received the straws include the Martello, Jim Doyles, Vergnano, Ice Cream Parlour, Butler and Barry and Cassoni's.

Thank you so much to all who participated, and thank you to all who already use compostable straws.


More Bray Cafes Sign Up to The Conscious Cup Campaign

Since then, another 14 coffee shops have signed up - with each one offering a discount to customers who bring their own reusable cup. Here's the full list of participating outlets:


1. Forno Ragazzi, 10 Albert Walk

2. Leonidas Chocolate Shop & Cafe, 25 Florence Road

3. Molloys Coffee Shop, 14 Quinsborough Road

4. Cafe Ragazzi, Unit 3 Aubrey Court, Parnell Road

5. Betelnut Cafe, Mermaid Arts Centre, Main Street

6. Liz Anne's, 102 Main Street

7. Cafe Gourmet, 16 Main Street

8. Gusto Italiano, 5a Goldsmith Terrace, Quinsborough Road

9. Red Bird Cafe, Unit 3, Southern Cross Retail Park

10. Cafe Letterario, 6 Albert Walk

11. Maison Moli, Florence Villas, 2A Florence Road

12. Starbucks, 16 Castle Street Shopping Centre, Ravenswell

13. The Butler's Pantry, 1 Boghall Road

14. Gino's, Strand Road

15. Butler & Barry, Strand Road

16. Spoons Cafe, 116 Main St, Ravenswell


Bray has 16 coffee shops signed up to the campaign and more pending, view the map to get a full run down of participating businesses.

Clothing Swap Shop


Events like swap shops are important for environmental sustainability, as swapping clothes encourages consumers to extend the lifecycle of garments that have already been produced, rather than buying new things that require a lot of natural resources to create.

Refill Campaign

Bray Tidy Towns recently launched a campaign alongside refill.ie, encouraging local businesses to offer free water refills in a bid to reduce single-use plastic bottle waste. Read more information on the campaign here.

Our second sign up of the campaign is the wonderful Butler & Barry on Bray seafront, so drop into them for a refill if you're out for a stroll.

Currently, you can refill your water bottle for free at the following locations in Bray:

1. Springfield Cemetery, Killarney Road

2. Avoca, Kilmancanogue

3. Spoons Cafe, 116 Bray Main Street

4. Butler & Barry, Strand Road

Clean up at Bray Harbour for Earth Day

On April 21st, BTT joined with forces with Bray Coastcare in order to tidy up Bray Harbour and surrounding areas.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who came out early in the morning on such a beautiful day. 30 people collected 22 bags of marine litter.


Support of the VOICE Campaign to Reduce Waste


VOICE are an environmental charity supporting legislation (the Waste Reduction Bill) that would:

  • Ban disposable plastic plates and cups and other tableware (including non-compostable disposable coffee cups), which would encourage take-aways to use compostable packaging such as paper and cardboard

  • Introduce a deposit/refund scheme for drinks containers

Bray Tidy Towns have taken action by writing to our local TD's and Hildegarde Naughton, Chair of the Joint Committee Communications, Climate Change and the Environment, asking for their support of the bill.